Welcome to CalPainting

CalPainting’s Management Team has over 20 years experience in the residential and commercial painting industry. We are familiar with all interior and exterior painting techniques along with today’s painting standards. Our focus since the beginning is prep work and exceptional customer service. We have painted hundreds of homes all over the Bay Area and have many happy clients to refer to you. Every CalPainting project will have a project manger assigned to it so the process is efficient and the client always has a familiar point of contact at all times. Our Project Managers assist you with scheduling, color selection, and updates on your paint job.

We Love What We Do

We take pride in a job well done and know that the best aspect of a job well done is a referral from you to another customer. Our pleasure is your satisfaction with a job well done.   Please see our reviews page to see what people have to say!

Our Painters

We take pride in hiring qualified, professional journeyman level foreman. Our foreman will have a minimum of 6 years experience in order to be able to run a crew. Our prep painters must have a minimum of 3 years in order to step foot on a jobsite. All of our painters have gone through paint technology training with local paint manufacturers and have the knowledge and know-how of the best application techniques for your home of business. You can rest assured knowing that our painters will do a great job on your project.

We are Growing

We have learned that the best way to succeed and grow is to do exceptional work and deliver it with enthusiasm. More than mere words, these two philosophies are deeply rooted in our company’s core values and we are fulfilled only when we achieve both. Our goal after each project is a reference letter from each of our clients.  Calpainting services helps you get the job done right in a timely manner at affordable prices – View Services

Our Mission

CalPainting is a young, energetic and independently owned company committed to providing unparalleled service at a competitive price. Our goal is to constantly learn, grow and set the standard for residential and commercial painting.

With over 50 years of combined experience we will ensure that each of our clients receives the highest quality painting experience from start to finish. By committing to maintaining a small company with no more than 12 full and part time painters our quality control is easier to manage. We want our clients to benefit from the security only bigger painting companies can provide, with the personalized service that only smaller companies can offer. We will maintain our high level of integrity and respect for ourselves and the CalPainting team with our customers always coming first.

Bill Flanagan

Bill Flanagan


We have learned that the best way to succeed is to do exceptional work and deliver it with enthusiastic and thorough customer service. More than mere words, these two philosophies are deeply rooted in our company’s core values. We are fulfilled only when we achieve both, and we are driven like no other company to realize your goals on each and every project.

Where We Shine!

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We specialize in Customer Satisfaction.  We care about each and every job and value repeated service.  Every project is treated with professionalism and courtesy.

  • Time Management

    Each job has it’s own Project Manager that works one on one with each client, and makes sure the job gets done in the time proposed time frame.

  • We Specialize in Texturing

    We have experienced painters who specialize in your custom texturing needs, contact us today for a free quote!

  • Our Values

    Although we don’t advertise the rock bottom lowest prices in the industry, we will challenge any company with respect to value. We are never so hungry that we’ll work for free. If someone else is, you must ask yourself why.

    We don’t carry inventory or operate a costly showroom.
    Our prices for paint are the lowest prices available to contractors.
    We would never consider cutting corners with respect to our labor.
    We carry $1,000,000 in liability insurance
    We provide a written Guarantee of Quality covering workmanship for 2 years
    We are committed to eco-friendly options and products on all of our projects
    We are an independently owned and operated Bay Area business
    Clearly you can see that for someone to offer a lower price, they must either underbid their labor, use lower quality materials or less of them, run their business illegally, or work for free.

  • Safety First

    Safety is one of the most important aspects of every single painting project. CAL PAINTING is a market leader in setting up safety programs. Our painters that work on your home carry a CAL Safety binder that includes up-to-date safety guidelines as well as complete procedures for every foreseeable circumstance. All members of CAL PAINTING have safety bonuses that are awarded to top crews.

  • Why Choose Us?

    • Our painters are fully trained on proper prep and application techniques in the field
    • We have lots of local references and testimonials
    • No matter how skilled the workers, there is no shortcut for good, old-fashioned scarping and sanding of loose and peeling paint
    • The Prep Work is the most important part of the paint job
    • We will ask questions about your specific requirements and expectations before providing an estimate
    • We tailor prices to fit your needs
    • We assume complete responsibility for the work performed on your home
    • We guarantee all workmanship in writing with our two year guarantee