Calpainting and Plastering

Elevating Portola Valley A Modern Treehouse Transformation by Calpainting and Plastering

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Portola Valley, a modern treehouse design stands as a testament to the blend of architecture and nature. This project, completed by Calpainting and Plastering, exemplifies the perfect fusion of innovative design and structural excellence. The treehouse was graced with a smooth steel troweled finish, adding to its contemporary allure and sustainability.

The Calpainting Touch: A Blend of Craftsmanship and Precision
Calpainting brought their expertise to this project, ensuring every detail met the highest standards of quality. The process began with the installation of two layers of Grade D waterproofing paper. This crucial step sets the foundation for a durable, long-lasting structure, safeguarding it against potential water damage.

Following this, galvanized metal lath and weep screed were installed, emphasizing structural integrity. These elements play a vital role in reinforcing the structure and providing a sturdy foundation for the subsequent layers of finish.

Beyond the Basics: Elevating Structural Components
Corver aids and other essential structural components were carefully integrated, ensuring that the project not only met safety standards but exceeded them.

The Three-Coat Modern Smooth Finish: A Marvel of Aesthetics
Calpainting applied a three-coat modern smooth finish. This particular technique not only delivers a sleek, refined appearance but also contributes to the structural durability of the building. The smooth steel troweled finish adds a touch of sophistication, perfectly harmonizing with the surrounding natural beauty.

The Result: A Masterpiece in Portola Valley
Calpainting and Plastering continue to push boundaries and set new standards in the industry. Their dedication to precision, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction is showcased in every project they undertake. This Portola Valley modern treehouse project is just one of many examples of their exceptional work, leaving a lasting mark on the landscape of San Jose.