Residential Stucco

Residential Stucco and Painting Project

San Jose California

In the picturesque Bucknall neighborhood of San Jose, nestled along Riorden Dr., Calpainting Inc. embarked on a transformative journey to breathe new life into a charming single-family residence. Specializing in premium painting and plastering services, Calpainting Inc. took on the task of revitalizing the home’s exterior, leaving a lasting impression on both the residents and the neighborhood.

The scope of the project was comprehensive, aiming to enhance the home’s curb appeal and durability:

Wood Trim and Stone Veneer Removal: The first step involved removing outdated wood trim and stone veneer from the front of the house. This refreshed the appearance and set the stage for the subsequent enhancements.

Stucco Installation: Calpainting Inc. applied a three-coat stucco with a semi-smooth finish to the front of the house, adding a touch of sophistication while ensuring long-lasting protection against the elements.

Chimney Plastering: The brick chimney received special attention, with Calpainting Inc. applying a smooth plaster finish. This meticulous detailing added a refined elegance to the structure, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Foam Trim Installation: Foam trim with a smooth finish was expertly installed around windows and door openings. This decorative element provided a polished look and offered additional insulation and moisture resistance.

Painting and Finishing Touches: The final step involved washing, prepping, priming, and painting the new stucco, trim, gutters, downspouts, eaves, and doors at the front elevation. Calpainting Inc. meticulously applied fresh coats of paint, harmonizing the colors and bringing out the home’s inherent charm.

These efforts culminated by a stunning transformation that breathed new life into the Riorden Dr. residence. Calpainting Inc.’s dedication to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction were evident in every aspect of the project.

This residential stucco and painting project exemplifies Calpainting Inc.’s ability to turn visions into reality, enhancing homes and neighborhoods one project at a time. Whether it’s a single-family residence or a larger-scale endeavor, clients can trust Calpainting Inc. to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations. If you’re considering revitalizing the exterior of your home, Calpainting Inc. is ready to bring your vision to fruition. Contact us today to embark on your own journey of transformation.