Plastering and Paint Job

Ebay North First Street

San Jose California

  • Building: Office Building
  • Location: Ebay – North First Street – San Jose
  • Project Type: Commercial – Foam Trim Repair
  • Work Completed: Remove and replace the damaged piece of decorative foam trim

Cal Painting & Plastering, a trusted painting and plastering company based in San Jose, California, understands the challenges faced by property owners in the Bay Area due to the recent heavy rain, snow, and atmospheric rivers.

The EBay offices on North First Street in San Jose also experienced significant damage caused by wind-driven rain and trees lashing the foam parapets. To address this issue, our skilled technicians carefully accessed the damaged area from the roof, cut out the affected section, and created a replica profile to match the existing foam parapets.

Utilizing scaffolding, they seamlessly spliced in the new piece and our expert painters meticulously applied a custom-matched paint color to complete the repair. The team’s dedication and craftsmanship ensured a flawless outcome. We are proud of our exceptional work and grateful to everyone involved in this project.